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With supply voltage, all electronics and electrical appliances are designed as well as manufacture so that they can provide maximum efficiency. That supply voltage is called as the nominal operating voltage. For a number of reasons, there is the occurrence of fluctuations in the nominal voltage and because of that voltage fluctuations, the energy distribution does not remain constant, which leads to loss of efficiency as well as increases the rate of failure. Sometimes, because of the variable voltage, the appliances can’t operate properly. Concerning this important fact Servo Max, one of the leading servo voltage stabilizer manufacturers in Hyderabad manufacture efficient quality.

The single-phase voltage stabilizer can correct the voltage fluctuation and provides a stable and secure power supply to the equipment. Thus, it allows a stable voltage and protects the equipment from most of the issues of the mains. The single phase servo voltage stabilizer is an asset for the protection of electronics and electrical equipment. 

The major function of the single phase servo stabilizer is to make the output voltage stable so that the voltage can be suitable for electrical power supply. The single phase servo stabilizer manufacturers manufacture the efficient single phase voltage stabilizer such that it can ensure the oscillations generated in electrical power supply becomes offset and maintains a stable value. Like this, it can prevent the electronics and electrical equipment from heavy damage. Not only single phase servo stabilizer helps to stable the equipment, but also air cooled voltage stabilizer, oil cooled servo voltage stabilizer, Linear Automatic Voltage Stabilizer and static voltage stabilizer also helps to stable the electronics and electrical equipment from frequent fluctuations.

As one of the leading single phase voltage stabilizer manufacturers, we manufacture super quality single phase servo voltage stabilizer which can easily control the power quality as well as voltage fluctuations. Our single phase servo voltage stabilizer is manufactured from most qualitative magnetic & electrical conductors, housed in enclosures manufactured on CNC machines and also powder coated according to IS/BS standards.

Apart from protecting various equipment in the home from damage, the single-phase voltage stabilizer saves energy during high voltage conditions. It is a must-have device for the printing industry, in CNC Machines, Medical Equipment, Textile Machines, Packaging Machines, and Plants / Factories.   

with Relay / Contactor

  • High voltage protection
  • Low voltage protection

with MCB

  • Overload protection
  • Short circuit protection

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input voltage range 170-270v ac, 50 hz
output voltage 230v ac 50 hz 1phase
operating frequency 47 to 53 hz
output regulation + 1%
correction speed 35vsec
line regulation + 1%
load regulation + 1%
wave-form distortion nil
power factor effect nil
output wave -form true reproduction of input
type of cooling natural
air-cooled system construction as per is – 9815
efficiency 98.5% response time – 10 milli sec
Servo motor drive rugged ac step synchronous motor enclosure – ip32 indication on front panel
input on output on output cut off
input low input high 0-300 v 72 sq. Mm analog meter to read output voltage output connection
sockets 1 & 2 kva
connectors 3 kva to10 kva
nut & bolt termination above 10 kva


Capacity Width Depth Height Weight/kgs
1 KVA 280 310 300 16
2 KVA 280 310 300 18
3 KVA 300 430 300 28
5 KVA 300 430 300 33
7.5 KVA 360 470 310 55
10 KVA 360 470 310 60
15 KVA 440 470 800 100


  • Input ON
  • Output ON
  • Output CUT-OFF
  • Input LOW
  • Input HIGH
  • 0-300 V 72 Sq. mm analog meter to read output voltage


  • 1 & 2 KVA – Power Card with Plug Top
  • 3 KVA to10 KVA with Connectors
  • Above 10 KVA nut & bolt termination


  • 1 & 2 KVA – Sockets
  • 3 KVA to10 KVA with Connectors
  • Above 10 KVA nut & bolt termination

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